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Boiler Services

If your home depends on a hot water boiler to keep it warm in the winter or even uncharacteristically cool evenings, WC GasWorks should be the first people you call if anything ever goes wrong. While they are known for their reliability, heating your home with a boiler system is only as reliable as the professionals you choose to install, maintain, repair and eventually replace them.

WC GasWorks offers full services for boilers including:

  • Servicing/Repairs
  • Sales & Installations
  • Maintenance


If your boiler is not running properly or has shut down, WC GasWorks's fully licensed technicians can help you get back to full operation in a timely fashion. Not only are we qualified to provide the necessary repairs and/or maintenance, but our customer service track record speaks for itself.

Sales & Installations

Whether it's upgrading your existing system with a high efficiency boiler, completing a renovation or a complete new construct, WC GasWorks is happy to meet with you and review your radiant heating requirements.

We provide free consultations to review your needs for new installations and also design services for new construct to ensure you are meeting all of today's code requirements.

See our Sales & Installations page for additional details.

Boiler Maintenance

To make sure that your boiler is heating your home with maximum efficiency, it requires regular maintenance. Even if you haven't noticed any irregularities with your boiler, you shouldn't skip getting it maintained. Our technicians can

spot problems with your boiler in the early stages and provide preventative repairs to save you money in the long run.

See our Maintenance page for additional details.

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